Privacy Policy of processing and protecting personal data

1. This privacy statement of Redline defines clear guidelines of the practice related to the the protection of personal data, and presents the services of the website ( that ask for personal information. This Privacy Policy also sets out the provisions that define for what purposes and how to use the information made available by the website visitor and how Redline ensures appropriate legislation preservation and protection of such personal data.

2. Visitors provide information during browsing the Redline website. Partially the data automatically comes from filling out the forms ont he website and through newsletter subscription and ordering. Redline website does not require any prior identification of the visitor, so to access the contents of these services visitor does not have to provide personal information online.

3. On specific parts of the Redline website visitor identification is needed. The user agrees that the data for the identification is registered in accordance with the relevant statutory provisions. If a visitor decides not to tell the personal information requested, will may not have access to certain parts of the website.

4. When designing this declaration the further points were taken into account: (i) the protection of the public disclosure of personal data on the 1992nd LXIII. Act, (ii) the protection of individuals with regard to automatic processing of personal data - Strasbourg, 1981st January 28 -  the promulgation of the agreement dated on 1998th Act VI. Act, and (iii) on the management and protection of personal data and information of the Hungarian Association of Content Providers operational, ethical and procedural rules for the delivery of content available in the Appendix number 2.

5. Your personal information will be handled by Redline in accordance with the legal regulations, their safety is provided. Redline shall also provide all technical and organizational rules and procedure, that are needed according to the relevant legislative.

6. Redline puts a priority target on the website visitors’ protection of personal data, providing information to visitors and letting them decide on providing information. Redline is committed to handling your personal information in a manner which fully complis with applicable laws allowing contribution to the creation of opportunities for safe Internet use of visitors.

7. This privacy statement is designed to provide Redline services for all users, regardless of nationality or residence, all in ensuring that the rights and fundamental freedoms, notably the right to privacy with respect to Automatic Processing of Personal Data (Privacy).

8. Redline does not collect special data from visitors such as racial origin, national or ethnic minority, political opinion or party affiliation, religious or philosophical beliefs, advocacy organization membership, or any information concerning health and addictions , sexual life and criminal convictions apply.

9. In case of unauthorized access, destruction, damaging or disclosure caused by third party to website visitors’ and other personal data collected by Redline, Redline is not responsible, only the hacker (third party) is responsible.

Privacy Policy, interpretative provisions

The personal information provided

Some Redline website features are mobilizing users to fill in the registration form.

Information generated during the registration to Redline is treated with the greatest caution is kept strictly confidential, unauthorized parties can not reach them. This is done in accordance with the provisions of the Hungarian legislation. Entering the necessary information in order to gain xxlpowering statistical data about users in order to provide better services to our customers

The information that is used to identify individual users

Data of individual access to users (such as email addresses) is used by Redline exclusively for purposes approved by the user. Without written authorization by the users - except as provided in the relevant legislation – user information will not be given to third party under no circumstances. If the expansion of services of Redline makes necessary, in such cases we send information to our users. In such case, the user is informed in advance about the package sent by Redline (name and amount may be expected). If the user does not give express consent to other services, only those services are provided to which the user is consent, and only as long as user claims no clear objection against it. The personal data generated by Redline services are not connected to those personal data used by the Internet service provider.

User data for physical access

1. Redline physical access to the user data is collected only if the nature of the service makes it inevitable. Data utilizing only to in advance approved purpose by the user - except for cases stipulated by law – Redline does not pass it to any third party under any circumstances.

2. Redline undertakes that publishes a clear, unambiguous statement of awareness and inclusion of any data, recording and management before informing website visitor of data recording method, purpose and principles. In addition, in cases where the data collection, management and recording is not a must by the law, Redline alerts the user of data is voluntary. In case of mandatory data processing Redline shall state the orering law as well.

3. The visitor must be informed of data subject and management and ensured about the person who will manage and process the data. Information of data processing is given by the lowof  the existing data transfer or linking of data collection.

4 In any case Redline wants to use the data provided for different aims from the original data collection purposes, Redline is obliged to website visitors (users) to inform them and to obtain prior express consent or provide an opportunity to prohibit their use.

5. Redline sets standards of restrictions when collecting, recording and while management of the data, the parties involved are informed by e-mail.

6. The xxlpowering declares that no sanctions may be enforced against a user who refuses to optional data service.

7. Redline ensures the security of data and takes all technical and organizational measures and establishes the rules of procedure to ensure that the recorded data stored or handled are protected, and prevents their destruction or unauthorized access to data or unauthorized data alteration. Redline also draws fulfillment of its obligations in this regard to any third parties to whom the data may be transmitted or transferred.

Processing of personal data of persons under age 18

Redline does not offer services specifically intended for persons under the age 18, does not collect and manage personal informationof any person under the age 18. If required for the processing of personal data of persons under age 18 occur in the frontend, Redline may record such data only in cases where verifiable parental forms or other legal representatives duly executed consent, and consent is available. In the lack of such authorization personal data of individuals under 18 years Redline does not record them.

Changing, deleting personal data

If any Redline website visitor asks for their personal information be removed from the Redline system (committing that particular case, that from then on can’t use or can’t use the way before he used the services to which these data belong to) Redline shall undertake the data delete, so that the data identified by the visitor will be deleted.

Services that require the collection of personal data

Log files (logfiles)

The Redline servers automatically log the user's Internet Protocol (IP) address, the type of operating system and browser. This information is used by Redline only in aggregated and processed form for statistical purposes and to correct any errors in services and improving quality. The data entered by the user with other data will not connected by Redline in any form.

Anonymous visit identifiers (cookies) 

The Redline features unique identifier, called a cookie is placed on the computer of the website users. Cookies are small text files that visitors of Redline sore ont he hard drives. The cookies are only to facilitate the identification of users, data records, and the user can further facilitate visits to serve, otherwise Redline does not use it for other purposes. Website visitors’ on their browsers used to access the Internet can choose to get notified if a website maintainer wants to place a cookie on your computer and visitors can disaple sending of cookies any time. The cookies disabled by the user are no obstacle in using the Redline website. The exception to this rule is if the xxlpowering shall inform the user to the contrary. However, the non-acceptance of cookies make some pages may not function properly, and you may find that the website visitor can not get the right to access certain information.


The Redline features include a number of connection points (links) that lead to other providers' websites. For these service providers’ data and information security practice Redline is not responsible.

Registration pages, order forms, applications

Using the Redline services in some cases you may need to fill in registration forms. On such pages Redline requests personal information (name, postal address, e-mail address). Some Redline facilities linked to registration stand for doctors and pharmacists, so during the registration process in particular the doctor’s and the pharmacist's name and stamp number / operation registration number, the field of work and the specified user email address and the preferred user name are asked. Personal information provided during the registration process at Redline will be kept confidential and no unauthorized persons can not access them.

The aim of registration is to share certain information and documents only with doctors and pharmacists.

To become such a member the five-digit combination of the stamp and registration number are needed.

For using Redline sites that require registration, creation an account during the registration process should be accurate and actual filled with appropriate information. Redline is not responsible for unauthorized use of personal data in the course of registration.

In addition to the above Redline sometimes may ask for other information (eg. demographic information), but strives at all times to the extent requested additional information and depth is in proportion to the provided service level of benefits obtained.



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